Pharmacist Doug Talks Signs of Health

You can actually see quite a bit about a person's health just from looking at them. Starting with the skin. It is the largest organ of the body! It is sometimes referred to as the third kidney. If the body's toxin levels are very high and overwhelming the liver, gut or kidneys, then the skin will begin to excrete toxins in sweat the same way kidneys excrete toxins in urine! It can change the skins pH and appearance.

Healthy skin is smooth, elastic, of a healthy color and should not be too dry nor too oily. Unhealthy skin can have a rough texture, blemishes, rashes or spots and discolored.

We were in Florida and there was a lot of overly sunned skin. I saw some purplish and gray colored skin. The gray seemed to be a theme for people even without over sunning. I see overly stressed people often times with grayish skin tones.

Another window into a person's health is their eyes.  They are, after all, often called the windows to the soul. The eyes should be clear and bright and moist. The membranes or all the other parts around the eyes should be whitish-pink in color-not pale, dark red or purplish.

Bumpy yellow patches in the eyelids can indicate possibility of high cholesterol. Yellowing of the white of the eye can indicate some liver function problems. Disappearing outer eyebrows can mean some thyroid issues.

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