Pharmacist Doug Talks Aging

There is a very large increase in the number of older people in our country's population.   Pharmacist Doug has some statistics about those numbers and some insight into what that group of people might prefer to be called. 

The Aging Population

2000    12.4% of Americans

2012    13.7% of Americans

2030    1/5 of Americans


Top Five States with Aging Populations

1) Alaska- 58.89%

2) Nevada- 49.32%

3) Colorado- 41.65%

4) Georgia- 40.12%

5) Arizona- 39.55%

NPR recently did some  research on the subject of what these people want to be identified as and found that some of the words we use to describe this sector of the population made people react negatively.  Some of the terms that people do not like-- Golden Years, Senior Citizen, Silver Tsunami, Elderly, Our Seniors and Successful Aging.

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