Pharmacist Doug: Super Foods for Dogs

If you struggle, like most people, with wanting to give your dog some human food. Here is a list of yes and no foods:

Yes Foods:
- Apples 
- Pomegranate
- Berries
- Watermelon
- Frozen Bananas
- Green Beans
- Carrots
- Sweet Potato
- Squash
- Zucchini
- Spinach

No Foods:
- Grapes
- Raisins
- Garlic 
- Onions
- Chocolate
- Tomatoes
- Mushrooms
- Avocado
- Nuts

The blueberries help with cognition. Sour Cherries are great antioxidants and a source of melatonin. Pomegranates contains antioxidants that help with immunity and cardiovascular health. Cranberries help keep bacteria from sticking to the urinary bladder wall for those animals with recurrent cystitis. 

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