Pharmacist Doug: Holiday Weight Control

Tis the season for sweets and over eating and being aware of not gaining weight! 

Weight loss is constantly on our minds. Especially during the holidays when most of us struggle to just maintain. I have some non-traditional ways to help lose weight and stats that might just motivate you to steer clear of those extra calories!

Simply looking at images and photos of high-calorie foods can stimulate your brains reward center, therefore, weakening your willpower. All the commercials and recipes that you might be viewing, reviewing and studying are actually getting your reward center all revved up and makes you start thinking about the oral pleasure you get from eating sugar and fat mixed and you become weak and your craving out powers your will to eat healthy or avoid sugar during the holidays. 

The Mayo Clinic has found that people with a financial incentive to lose weight drop an average of 7 lbs more than those with no monetary goal. 

Next, is a little piece of info specifically regarding women. Women who religiously read nutrition labels weigh about 9 lbs less than women who ignore the critical label stats. 

If you start reading those labels, take notice of some of the stuff you are putting in your body. 

An example of something you would look at on a nutrition label:
Start looking at the sugar content of what you are buying. Simply make a note of it and compare. It will start to make a difference. Take home lesson, eat less sugar!

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