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The big take home lesson was that our environment and nutrition affect our genetics, and hugely impacts the expression of genes, which is important for how those genes express disease or not. Toxins effect your genes to create disease and good nutrition can effect your DNA and RNA so that disease genetics are not turned on!

Many things like medications, pollution, pesticides and other toxins can deplete your body of a whole array of nutrients. Most of those nutrients are involved in the actual make-up and or health of genes. So, a lack of some of these nutrients can cause your genes to be modified or changed so that they are turned on or express themselves in the form of disease  like insulin resistance (leading to diabetes), cardiovascular disease and cancers. 

From USDA nutritional studies: A salad today with mixed greens, peppers, onions, tomato, olive oil has 15%-76% less nutrients than it would have had in 1940. Plus, the salad of today has residues of pesticides and nitrates.1 

The impact of nutrition on cognition begins very early; nutrition in the pre-natal stage and early childhood will affect learning and memory lifelong (benton et al.,2012)
What You Need:
- Folate
- B Vitamins
- Choline
- Vitamin D
- Iodine
- Magnesium

What You Should Do:
- Eat Liver
- Eat Organic
- Eat Fresh Veggies
- Decrease Sugar Intake
- Breathe Deeply
- Study

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