Pharmacist Doug: FDA Approved vs. Regulated

FDA Approved vs. Regulated
- The average person and even some healthcare providers get confused about the difference in approval and regulated. 

- FDA approval is for OTC products, prescription medicines or medical devices that make a specific claim about what they treat and how they treat. 

- The FDA regulates many products that do not necessarily require approval. For example, vitamin C. It is not FDA approved, but it, like all the other nutritional supplements it is highly regulated. 

- An example of media misunderstanding was HBO's John Oliver. He was talking about Dr. Oz's congressional testimony and mentioned there was a huge amount of money used by the dietary supplement industry's lobbyists that lead to the lack of regulation by the FDA. But, the truth is that the dietary supplement industry's lobbying dollars reached a peak in 2013 at $3.6 million. While the pharmaceutical industry spent over $140 million in 2013.

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