More Patients Ignoring Medication Dosage

- "Take every 12 hours with food"--the directions are there in black and white. Yet many people pay no attention to the labels on the side of their medication bottles.

"About 10% of hospital admissions can be linked to poor medication adherence, or not taking your medications," says Greg Young, pharmacy manager at Hendrick Medical Center.

So why aren't people taking their meds? Young sees it time and time again--patients either refuse to take medicine, or simply forget.

"There is that forgetting aspect, but I think a lot of people just don't realize how important some medications are, because maybe they don't feel differently when they miss them," Young tells us,

Young says it's important to keep the communication open with your doctor, rather than relying on what you're feeling.

"There's not always symptoms. So what will happen is the disease will progress, and then maybe require re-hospitalization," Young explains.

Young says it all boils down to taking control of your health.

"Take your medication in the way your doctor has written it. We want you to control this condition that you have, and not let it control you," says Young.

Managing your medication at home could prevent you from sorting through even more health issues later. 

For more information on medication adherence, click here.

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