The old saying is "birds of a feather flock together"  may be scientifically true, changes in pill shape may bring about problems, and even more reason to get up and exercise!

A new study shows we all may be geneticallylinked to our friends.

The research, published in the "Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Science," found that we share more common DNA with friends than we do with strangers.

We share about one-percent of DNA with our friends. That's about the same as our 4th cousins.

New research shows appearance does matter, at least when it comes to taking prescription medication. A study in the "Annals Of Internal Medicine" looked at 10,000 post- heart attack patients.

They found many patients were more likely to not refill their medication if there was a change in the shape or color of the pill, when going from the original pill to a generic version.

Researchers say doctors need to re-assure patients that all generics work equally well.

We've heard time and time again how sitting too much is bad for our health.   But now a study in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings shows exerciseB may buffer some of those negative effects of sedentary behavior.

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