HEALTH MINUTE: Top Stories 8/8/14

A new study suggests an aspirin a day may keep several types of cancer away.

Researchers report in the "Annals of Oncology," taking low-dose aspirin for 10-years could cut the risk of colon, stomach or esophageal cancer in some cases by half!

Researchers say the benefits outweigh the dangers of long-term aspirin use, like stomach bleeding, but check with your doctor about what's right for you.

The deadline is up for foods using the "gluten free" label.

To use the label now, foods must not have a detectable amount of gluten, and no wheat, rye, barley, or anything derived from them.

Last August, the FDA told food manufacturers they had one year to meet the requirements.

The ruling applies to packaged foods only.

And doctors predict Hepatitis-C in the US will become a rare disease by 2036.

That's mostly due to new medications and widespread screening.

To be considered rare, one in 1,500 people are affected. Right now, Hep-C affects one in 100.

Some experts doubt the deadline will be met because the researchers made assumptions about how many people will be screened in the future.

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