HEALTH MINUTE: Top Stories 8/1/14

A new Malaria vaccine is one step closer to being approved.  

The new vaccine was given to children in areas prone to Malaria, and protected them for 18-months.

Researchers will now see how booster shots affect the vaccine's effectiveness.

More testing is needed before the vaccine is available for the general population.  

And researchers have found that heat stroke is a much bigger risk to endurance runners than heart problems.

The "Journal Of The American College Of Cardiology" reports, heat stroke is ten-times more likely to kill a runner, than a cardiac event.

While deaths have been reported at marathons, a six-year study of more than 137,000 runners, found only two serious cardiac events reported and none were fatal.

However, they found 21-serious cases of heat stroke, including two fatalities.

And finally, the National Center For Health Statistics has found that extreme weather claims about 2,000 lives per year.

Most of them, 63-percent, were cold-related.

31-percent were related to heat and six-percent were due to floods, storms or lightning.

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