HEALTH MINUTE: Safe Teething


If you've ever been a parent of a newborn, you know about teething.

Teething can hurt, not only for a baby, but for parents who worry about their little ones. No one likes to see a child cry. In many cases, in order to soothe the teething pain, caregivers and parents rub medication on their infants' gums, that could be harmful or toxic.

The Food and Drug Administration is warning parents that prescription drugs like Lidocaine are not safe for treating teething in a baby. Previously, the FDA warned parents not to use over the counter drugs such as Benzocaine liquids and gels for teething infants because they can cause a deadly blood condition.

The federal agency says go the natural way; gently massage or rub the gums with your finger. 

Or give your little one a cool teething ring or a clean, wet, wash cloth to chew on.

But make sure it's not too chilly. Objects that are too cold can hurt the gums and your infant. 

And to avoid choking, parents should always supervise their children when giving them something in their mouths.

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