HEALTH MINUTE: Furry Friday/Treats

We all love our pets. We smother them with hugs and kisses, even treats.

But are we going overboard with these tidbits?

"Short answer yes. think of them like cookies, potato chips extra little treats. Give a little piece of it don't give them they whole thing every time."

Treats should be a small part of your furry friend's diet. That's because they can pack on pounds.

Some are designed to help with pet dental care, others are just for fun.

There are hundreds of chews and treats to pick from. Make sure you know where they are made.

"You really want to go with who makes the treat a company you trust reliable manufacture."

Beginning next year, new regulations will make it easier for pet owners to know exactly what they are giving their animals.

Companies will be required to list calories on their packages.

"It's all about the calories how many calories is the pet taking in each day how many calories are in that treat."

And keep in mind, the size of your pet.

"The bigger the dog the more calories it can handle."

In the end we "treat" them like family and that means keeping them healthy and happy.

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