Health Minute: Beat Gym Boredom

Five days a week, you can find Andy Little at the gym.  But several years ago, that wasn't the case. And simply joining wasn't enough.

So andy turned to his electronic gadgets.  The apps on his phone give him set weight workouts. They also help him track what he is doing.  In return, he earns points and completes quests.

But if you don't have a smart phone- or if this is not your thing- you can still make exercise enjoyable and engaging, instead of dull and dreadful.

First- though it may sound obvious- consider mixing things up by taking a class.
  • When people take group exercise classes, its not like a chore, it's more like a social event. You work out together, and very soon 60 minutes is up and you don't realize you're working out.
In small group personal training, the participants usually share common goals plus camaraderie.

But if you prefer an hour to yourself on a single cardio machine, mix up the intensity.
  • You might wanna spike it up, bring it down, take it up again, more of an interval training.
But no matter how you do it, find something that works for you.

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