Getting a Good Night's Rest

There are those out there that would do just about anything to get a good night's sleep. Doctor Jeff Williams of the Amarillo Pain and Accident Chiropractic Clinic wants you to get the RIGHT night's sleep.

Sleeping on Your Back 
- Most Ideal Position
- Helps Muscle Pains & Heartburn
- Helps with Wrinkle Prevention
- Bad for Snoring 

Sleeping on Your Side
- Helps Muscle Pain
- Good for Snoring
- Bad for Smoosh Wrinkles

More from Doctor Jeff Williams:
- Sleeping with one leg hiked up, partly on stomach, is not desirable due to twisting in low back and pelvis. A body pillow can help this position.
- Sleeping on stomach is not a good idea, but can be lessened by putting a small pillow under pelvis and lower abdomen. 
- Sleep with only one pillow.
- A written chiropractic recommendation for Tempurpedic or Sleep Number mattresses can usually save you on the taxes from a new purchase of a mattress. 

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