Fleas, Ticks and Mosquitoes to Lookout for This Spring

LUBBOCK, TX--- Before you head outside this spring, the Health Department wants everyone to be aware of the fleas, ticks and mosquitoes coming out and protect yourself against the diseases they carry like Lime Disease and West Nile. 

"People who have animals and those animals go in and out of the house, those fleas and ticks can transfer to their owners," said Beckie Brawley from the Lubbock Health Department.  

Bushes, tall grass and weeds are going to hide fleas and ticks. 

"You need to make sure that you do a good landscape job," said Brawley.  "Keep your weeds and grass mowed down, don't let them grow up tall cause that's where those insects like to hide." 

Standing water like playa lakes and  puddles around a home are going to bring out mosquitoes even sooner. 

"We are concerned and that's why we try to keep them in check," said Bridget Faulkenberry with Vector Control. 

She says the first thing people can do is to empty any standing water around one's home. She also says to best protect oneself from mosquitoes to cover up when outside and wear insect repellent with deet. 

Lubbock has not had enough rain yet to bring out mosquitoes. However,  the drought and very dry weather recently has brought fleas and ticks out  earlier than usual.

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