Feeling the Impact of Dementia

(WGAL) Nurses and staff from hospice and community care in Lancaster, Pennsylvania have a new program that allows people to see what life is like for people with dementia. 

To experience the second wind dreams virtual dementia tour we had to alter our physical and sensory abilities. 

Inserts were placed in shoes, gloves on hands, special glasses affected what we see and headphones what we hear. Then we were led to a room and told to perform five simple everyday tasks.   

"I was distracted by everything. I was jumpy because all of a sudden there would be a sudden noise," said Larene Miller a licensed practical nurse.

We can take off the things that impaired our abilities.. The same cannot be said for those living with dementia which is why this virtual tour is important for caregivers like Miller. 

"I think it will help me be more patient with the patients that i know have dementia," said Miller.
Hospice is using the v-d-t to train staff in dementia care with the hope of one day making it more widely available.

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