Dental Protection for Kids During Sports

- Around this time at Class 1 Dental Associates there seems to be an increase in injuries from contact sports.  Do you know the proper steps to help increase the chance that your child's tooth can be saved? These are questions that need to be considered beforehand, and with school and sports just starting back, now is the best time to have these questions answered.

What to do if have injury:
- Talk to dentist beforehand so you are prepared
- Avulsed tooth
·    Handle tooth only at the crown of the tooth
·    Place in jar of milk or own saliva or if no container available place in cheek
·    Get to dentist as fast as possible
·    Dentist will re-implant tooth if possible and fabricate splint
·    Monitor tooth with dentist as further treatment may be required
- Chipped or fractured tooth
·    Find tooth fragment
·    Place in milk, saliva, or mouth
·    Get to dentist
·    Depending on case, dentist may be able to bond tooth fragment, replace with tooth colored filling, or further treatment may be required such as pulpotomy or RCT
·    Follow up with dentist

A mouth guard can help protect your teeth, jaw, soft tissues, and brain.  The ADA states more than 200,000 oral injuries are prevented annually by mouth guards. Academy for Sports Dentistry states dental rehabilitation of one tooth can cause several thousand dollars per tooth, not including secondary problems that can happen years later

Mouth guards come in a variety of options:
- Comes in different sizes
- Not customizable
- Requires athlete to bite all the time
- Difficulty breathing, speaking, and drinking
- Uncomfortable and easily dislodged which could allow injuries you were trying to prevent
- Muscle and jaw fatigue
Boil and Bite
- Customizable but becomes distorted during fabrication
- Uneven thickness compromising protection
- Not as well adapted causing breathing, drinking, and speaking problems
- Uncomfortable - athletes may not wear at all
- Impression makes model that allows laminating multiple layers of mouth guard material in an even thickness for maximum protection. 
- Maximum impact protection for prevention of lost or chipped teeth and possibly prevent concussion
- Best possible fit without excessive bulkiness allows athlete to speak, drink, and breathe without removing guard
- Try in appointment will check adaptation of mouth guard and make sure it contacts all bottom teeth at the same time to disperse forces from impact to help prevent injury
- Fabricate one for athletes with braces
- Customize looks to something that you want to wear
- Team colors
- Personal preference of colors

Sports mouth guard should be regarded as protection similar to wearing a seatbelt or correctly sized helmet. It is an easy way to prevent or drastically reduce injuries during contact sports such as football, basketball, wrestling, martial arts, boxing, hockey, soccer, and baseball.

To give back to the community and make sure all athletes in the area are best protected, Class 1 Dental Associates would like to provide a limited number of custom mouth guards to teams in the area at no charge.  Class 1 dentists encourage parents to visit with their child's coach or trainer and would like to invite all parents, coaches, and athletic directors to contact us with any questions. They are happy to provide more information about custom mouth guards and how they can be fabricated for your child's specific needs.

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