Cutting Edge Breast Cancer Research Done in Amarillo

AMARILLO --  Part of the money raised by the Race for the Cure here in Amarillo goes to national research. But some of the most cutting edge advancements in the fight against breast cancer are happening right here in Amarillo. 
    Doctors at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center's Breast Center of Excellence are working to develop new treatments for cancers.
    They're examining tumors on the genetic level and treatments could soon become tumor specific, rather than cancer specific.
    But even with the most cutting edge treatment, Doctors stress that prevention is the most important factor. 
     Dr. Rakhshanda Layeequr-Rahman, Director of the Breast Center of Excellence told us, ""I don't think people understand how critical it is to maintain a healthy weight. Not only will it prevent cancer but if, God forbid, something happens the cure rate is better, chemo is easier. So it is a long term payoff to maintain a healthy lifestyle. "

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