C-Section Rate: Depends On Where Mom Delivers


Published 05/08 2014 02:52PM

Updated 05/08 2014 02:54PM

A new study suggests which hospital a woman goes to could influence whether she has a c-section.

The Consumer Reports survey looked at the c-section rates at 1,500 hospitals in 22 states.

It found that c-section rates for women anticipating low-risk deliveries varied greatly even at hospitals in the same town.

And there was no pattern to explain the difference besides choice of hospital.

Overall, 66-percent of the hospitals earned Consumer Reports' lowest or second-lowest rating for a high rate of c-sections.

Only 12-percent got either of the organization's top scores for a low rate.

Doctors say while some c-sections are medically necessary, unnecessary c-sections drive up costs and increase the risk for mother and child.

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