Breast Cancer Survivor Shares Her Story

AMARILLO -- A cancer diagnosis, chemo and hair-loss, a bi lateral mastectomy, and a long road to recovery.
    None of those compare to having to make a phone conversation to tell your daughter that you have breast cancer.
"I called her and said I had cancer and she did really well. She prayed with me on the phone, and then I found out from her roommates that she had a pretty good breakdown after that."

    Karen Kreigshauser found a lump in her breast back in December 2010.
    A mammogram and biopsy showed that her suspicions were right and she was diagnosed with invasive ductile carcinoma.
    "Cancer was something that happened to other people. Not to me," Karen said. 
    She decided the best treatment plan was a bi-lateral mastectomy.
    That meant major surgery, chemo treatments, and something Karen did not want to face--hair loss.

"On day 13 it started to come out so I invited a friend over, we had a good sob fest, and then we shaved it off," Karen said, "But i can't tell you how freeing that was."

Karen's cancer journey had begun with fear but started to change into something else.
"I was just praying for peace, i started getting into prayer and really into the word and one night this peace came over me and i knew i was going to be healed and i put on my boxing gloves.And i said, alright, let's do this."

Her peace turned to determination, then humor,
Next, freedom.
And now..distinction.

    Karen is the honorary chair for the Susan G. Komen Foundation's Race for the Cure this year.
    She hopes sharing her story will inspire others.

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