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AMARILLO -- This restaurant failed it's health inspection with more than 30 demerits:
Bristol's Bar & Cafe in the Holiday Inn
1911 I-40 E
54 demerits
15 violations
Cooling for cooked food -- corrected on site
Cold holding -- corrected on site
Hot holding -- corrected on site
Adequate hand washing -- corrected on site
Good hygienic practices -- corrected on site
Approved source/labeling -- corrected on site
Sound condition -- corrected on site
Cross contamination -- corrected on site
HACCP plan/time -- corrected on site
Hand wash facilities adequate
Manual ware washing
Food contact surfaces
All other violations
Response: General Manager: "All but 12 were fixed before the inspector left. When he came back the following day, all but one was done, which had to do with a refrigerator. Everything's been fixed. We've got a great staff, we've got great food, the chef is very adamant about food safety. I'm fairly confident there won't be any of those issues in the future."

These restaurants got perfect scores at their recent inspections:
Beyond Juice -- 5
3319 Bell

KN Root Beer Drive In -- 19
3900 Olsen

Moose's Bar & Grill -- 4
3514 SW 6th Ave

Morning Glory Tea Room -- 3
1608 4th Ave

The Plaza Restaurant -- 9
3415 Bell

Subway -- 10
7401 SW 45th

Subway -- 8
5807 SW 45th

Tacos Garcia -- 5
1100 Ross

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