Food for Thought: Two Failing Inspections

- AMARILLO -- It takes more than 30 demerits for a restaurant to fail it's health inspection.
This restaurant failed:
Hayashi Japanese Steakhouse
3401 I-40 W
32 Demerits
10 Violations
HACCP PLAN/TIME -- corrected on site
Sushi rice found sitting out of temperature control. Staff does not add any ingredients in rice to lower Ph so, therefore, rice must stay at temperature at all times. Hot 135 or above or cold 41 or below.
A) Small reach in cooler was dripping condensation on food in the cooler.
B) All scoops found without handles buried in product.
C) Raw food stored above ready to eat foods in cooler.
D) All raw food stacked in the wrong order.
HAND WASH WITH SOAP/TOWELS -- corrected on site
Hand sink found without any paper towels.
Dish machine found not sanitizing. Corrected by end of inspection.
Food manager needed within 45 days. Class schedule was given.
Sewer floor drain were all backed up into the kitchen while establishment was operating. Plumber was called and had lines clear within an hour.
TOXIC ITEMS -- corrected on site
Chemical bottle found without any labeling on it.
COLD HOLDING -- corrected on site
A) Cooked rice holding at 75 degrees. Must remain above 135 degrees or below 41 degrees at all times.
B) Avocado sitting on counter at 65 degrees.
C) Shrimp sitting on counter at 60 degrees. All must remain below 41 degrees at all times.
GOOD HYGIENIC PRACTICES -- corrected on site
Employee seen chewing gum, gum is not allowed in kitchen.
A) All food in the freezer must be stored at least six inches off the floor.
B) All employee food cannot be stored mixed in with restaurant food. Employee food must be separated.
Due to score of more than 30 a $50 reinspection fee must be paid by 1/23/14.
***Separate from the above inspection, the Environmental Health Department tells us the restaurant lost their water supply and voluntarily shut down. The inspectors approved their re-opening January 21. The above inspection was the next day.
0 Demerits
Water Supply
Water supply has been restored. Ok to reopen.

Taqueria el Tapatio
3410 S Coulter
44 Demerits
12 Violations
COLD HOLDING -- corrected on site
Raw shell eggs were sitting by the grill above 45f.
GOOD HYGIENIC PRACTICES -- corrected on site
A) Food employee had a drink with no lid and straw.
B) Food employee was drinking from a drink with no lid and straw and cooking at the same time.
COOLING FOR COOKED FOOD -- corrected on site
Cooked food items in the walk in cooler cooked the day before were at 56f. These did not cool properly and must be thrown away. Future violations will be charged $50 reinspection fee.
RAPID REHEATING -- corrected on site
Rice from the refrigerator is being reheated on the steam table. Rice should be heated properly to 165f and then placed on the steam table.
ADEQUATE HAND WASHING -- corrected on site
Food employee is cracking raw eggs and getting raw egg on both hands and then making ready to eat burritos without washing his hands or changing gloves in between. Future violations will be charged $50 reinspection fee.
PROPER HANDLING RTE -- corrected on site
Food employees are handling cooked tortillas with bare hands.
SOUND CONDITION -- corrected on site
Cans dented on the rim or the seam of the can must be removed from the rack and placed in a damaged goods area.
HACCP PLAN/TIME -- corrected on site
Foods items prepared the day before had no date mark.
MANUAL WARE WASHING -- corrected on site
Food employee is using a wet rag with no sanitizer in the kitchen. There must be a working container of sanitizer in the kitchen to sanitize food contact surfaces.
TOXIC ITEMS -- corrected on site
Unlabeled spray bottle at wait station. All chemicals must have the common name on the bottle.
FOOD CONTACT SURFACES -- corrected on site
Clean the can opener blade of buildup.
ALL OTHER VIOLATIONS -- corrected on site
A) Clean the drip from the venthood.
B) Invert plastic silverware.
Establishment has failed inspection. A $50 reinspection fee must be paid by 9:00 am 1-17-14. A reinspection will be conducted tomorrow.
Reinspection 1-17-14
0 Demerits

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