Food for Thought 11/7/13: Two Failing Restaurants

- AMARILLO -- It takes more than 30 demerits for a restaurant to fail it's health inspection.
These restaurants failed:
Taqueria el Tapatio
3410 S Coulter
33 Demerits
10 Violations
ALL OTHER VIOLATIONS -- corrected on site
A) A sign that notifies food employees to wash their hands shall be provided at all handsinks. B) All scoops
Must have a handle. C) Degrease lights over grill. D) Do not hang jacket on can rack. E) Cut lemons stored
Touching trash bags. $50 reinspection fee.
FOOD CONTACT SURFACES -- corrected on site
A) Can opener blade must be cleaned daily to prevent buildup on the blade.
HACCP PLAN/TIME -- corrected on site
A) Refrigerated, ready to eat, potentially hazardous food prepared and held in the establishment for more than
24 hours shall clearly bear a date mark to indicate the date or day which the food should be used or
Discarded by.
SOUND CONDITION -- corrected on site
A) Cans were dented on rim.
ADEQUATE HAND WASHING -- corrected on site
A) Employee cracked raw egg and touched ready to eat food. Employees must change gloves during food
Preparation as often as necessary to prevent cross contamination when changing tasks.
COOLING FOR COOKED FOOD -- corrected on site
A) Food items did not cool properly. Cooked potentially hazardous food shall be cooled within a total of 6
Hours from 135f to 41f.
GOOD HYGIENIC PRACTICES -- corrected on site
A handwashing facility may not be used for purposes other than handwashing. A dirty rag was stored in
THERMOMETERS -- corrected on site
A) All cold holding equipment shall be equipped with at least one thermometer that is located to allow easy
Viewing of the temperature display.
TOXIC ITEMS -- corrected on site
A) Only those medicines that are necessary for the health of the employees shall be allowed in the food
Establishment. Medicines should be labeled and located to prevent contamination of food, equipment, etc.
RODENTS/ANIMALS/OPENINGS -- corrected on site
A) There is a gap at the back door that must be sealed.
FOLLOW UP 10-23-13
21 Demerits
6 Violations
MANUAL WARE WASHING -- corrected on site
A) No sanitizer was available at food prep or grill area. There must be sanitizer buckets to wipe down areas
RAPID REHEATING -- corrected on site
A) Rice was placed on the steamtable to reheat. Rice was at 97f. Rice must first be cooked to 165f before
Placing on a steamtable. Never reheat leftovers on a steamtable.
COOLING FOR COOKED FOOD -- corrected on site
A) Food is not cooling properly. Beans and cooked items from 10/22/2013 were 49-53f on 10/23/13.
Re-evaluate your cooling process. All foods should be voluntarily destroyed that are out of temperature.
SOUND CONDITION -- corrected on site
A) Dented can from 10/22/2013 was still on the rack on 10/23/13. Remove all dented cans from rack area.
HACCP PLAN/TIME -- corrected on site
A) Datemark all cooked ready to eat potentially hazardous items.
ALL OTHER VIOLATIONS -- corrected on site
A) Degrease lights on the venthood.

El Rodeo
1202 23rd
35 Demerits
9 Violations
COLD HOLDING -- corrected on site
A) Liquid eggs sitting on counter at 55 degrees. B) Cooked potatoes 55 degrees. C) Raw chicken 49 degrees.
D) Chorizo 51 degrees. All food being held cold must remain below 41 degrees at all times.
hot holding -- corrected on site
A) Cooked sausage sitting on counter at 100 degrees. Must remain above 135 degrees at all times.
WATER SUPPLY -- corrected on site
A) Hand sink found without hot water, hot water valve was shut off at wall. Hot water was fixed once valve was
Turned back on.
HAND WASH WITH SOAP/TOWELS -- corrected on site
A) Hand sink found without soap and another hand sink found without paper towels.
A) All potentially hazardous foods held longer than 24 hours must have a preparation date on it.
CROSS CONTAMINATION -- corrected on site
A) Raw beef and raw chicken found stored above ready to eat foods in walk in. Raw food must be stored
Below ready to eat foods. B) Open containers of salt, sugar, flour stored next to trash can had unknown
Contaminates in them from the trash can. (Discard)
GOOD HYGIENIC PRACTICES -- corrected on site
A) All drinks must have lids and straws. B) Employees washing dishes in mop sink; mop sink is for mop water
A) Bleach wipe down bucket found over 200ppm, must be 100ppm for cleaning. B) Quat sanitizer found well
Over 400ppm for dishes, must be 150-400ppm as label states. Sanitizer dispenser must be fixed within 10
Days to dispense properly.
A) Self closer on back door needs to be re-attached. B) Test strips needed for quat sanitizer. C) Clean blower
Cover in walk in. D) Light shield needed by dish rack****due to a score of over 30 demerits a reinspection fee
Must be paid by 12pm on 10-30.
A) All scoops must have a handle. B) Trash bags used to cover food in walk in, trash bags are not food grade
And therefore cannot be used.

These restaurants had perfect scores:
Aldacos Tacos
3623 SW 6th Ave

Bakersville Cupcakes
5120 S Western

Country Pride
5909 Wineinger Rd

Dippin' Dots
7701 I-40 W

The Ground Cafe
600 S Tyler

Maria's Cocina Mexicana
1316 SE 10th Ave

Potato Factory
114 SW 6th Ave

112 SW 6th Ave

4206 I-40 W

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