Food Banks Launch 100-Day Countdown Clock to Federal Food Aid Cuts

Austin - The Texas Food Bank Network (TFBN) unveiled a new national website today,, to bring public attention to the one hundred days remaining until major funding cuts reduce SNAP (food stamps) benefits to every household in America.

Unless stopped, the SNAP benefit cuts scheduled for November 1st will result in an average monthly decrease of $20-$25 per household. This decrease will mark the abrupt end of a temporary benefit increase made available by the 2009 Recovery Act (ARRA). These funds were designed to help hungry families during the harsh recession and phase out slowly as the economy recovered. Instead, Congress voted in 2010 to cut funding short, creating a Thanksgiving benefit cliff that will likely increase food insecurity nationwide.

"Ending these benefits prematurely means a household of four will abruptly lose $25 dollars a month, the equivalent of fourteen meals," said Celia Cole, CEO of TFBN. "This is a big hit for a low-income family on a tight budget. These cuts are tantamount to taking food out of the mouths of hungry children. More than half of the four million Texas SNAP participants are children."

In order to raise awareness about the SNAP benefit cliff and urge Congress to prevent the harm it will cause needy Americans, the Texas Food Bank Network launched the 'Stop the Hunger Clock' website. The digital campaign will publicaly count down the one hundred days remaining until cuts take effect. TFBN hopes the campaign will inspire individuals to educate others about the cuts, share their own stories about hunger through TFBNs interactive YouTube channel, and urge their representatives in Congress to stop the cut.

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