Fireworks Sales Skyrocketing

- AMARILLO -- Fireworks vendors are having a much better year this year.

Three years after all fireworks were essentially banned in Texas, they're making a good comeback.

Fireworks vendors have only a 10-day window to sell fireworks.  But, the actual holiday is their busiest day.

Just north of the city at fireworks stands in Potter county, Customers are few, especially during the heat of the day.

At Steven and Vern's TNT stand, the operator says the greener pastures mean more green in his pocket.

Steven Sellers says because of the drought, he was out of the business for awhile, but got back in it the year after the worst part of the drought in 2011.

He says while he wasn't busy Monday, business will pick-up as the week goes on.

July the fourth, I mean fortunately it's falling on a Friday this year; it's so green, we've had so much rain and Friday we won't be able to sit down.  I mean it'll just be one round after the other."  Sellers said.

The actual holiday is his busiest day for several reasons.  The biggest may be the Amarillo city ordinance which prohibits the sale, possesion and shooting of fireworks in the city limits.

Many buyers, rightfully so, wait until the holiday to buy because they can't bring them into the city at any time.

Because of state law, stands cannot sell fireworks after midnight on July 4th.

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