Firefighter Reunites With Boy He Saved

BOSTON -- A heartfelt reunion at the firehouse where the Lamb family hugs Lt. Glenn McGillvray who caught six-year-old Xavier Lamb after his grandmother dropped him from their burning building Monday morning.

The pair came together for the first time since the devastating fire that left the Lamb's without clothes or a home but with a new and extended family.

Xavier was clinging to his grandmother and the windowsill when she pried his fingers
loose and let him go on Monday.

"He began to fall down into the officers arms and I was praying all the time please don't let him miss the catch," said Judith Lamb, Xavier's grandmother.

McGillvray says instincts kicked in when he held out his arms.

"The only thing I was ever taught to catch was footballs and baseballs as a kid," said Lt. Glenn McGillvray.

While Xavier was being fitted with a Rescue 2 t-shirt and baseball cap, the suspect who allegedly set the fire during a failed suicide attempt was arraigned in his hospital bed.

He allegedly confessed to the crime that left dozens homeless and the Lambs grateful for what they have and who they met in the midst of crisis.

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