Fire Victims Seek Answers



FRITCH - Right here between these two trees is where my house used to stand," David Grisham said as he pointed to a photo of a charred yard.

David Grisham is one of thousands of people who were forced to leave their homes behind during Sunday night's fire in Hutchinson County.

Grisham was in Amarillo when he received a call about the wildfire.

"We were in town, our grandson was born at 5:26 in the morning. So we hadn't even had much sleep. Then we get the call that Fritch is on fire. You know you get burned down, you're just homeless," Grisham said. 

Several shelters opened in Fritch, offering displaced people a place to sleep and eat.

"We'll probably be here another night," Tahra Meshell, who was forced to evacuate with her husband and four children said. 

People shared stories of Sunday night.

"We gathered kids and clothes and just came over to the high school about 5:30 last night," Meshell said. 

Some described what they could see of their homes Monday morning.

"I would say a bad nightmare. It's bad. Looks really bad," Paul Wheeler said.  

On this emotional day, what many wanted most were answers.

"Just don't know. Haven't slept. Haven't eaten. Don't know. Nobody will tell us anything. It's a tragedy for everybody," David Kirkby, who owns nine properties in the area of the wildfire said. 

A tragic day for many but with small glimmers of hope.

For Kirkby, it came in the form of his two dogs, who he was able to save from the fire.

"You know, lives can't be replaced. But other things can," Kirkby said. 

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