Financial Impact of Fire on the Canyon

Even though the blaze is under control, Palo Duro Canyon Park remains closed to visitors during one of the busiest weeks all year.

It's spring break and the campgrounds at Palo Duro Canyon are vacant, and park officials tell us they are losing thousands of dollars.

It's the second day of a busy week week at the Canyon, and because of the fire, numbers are down.

Park Superintendent Cory Evans tells us last year at this time they saw about 17,000 people camping, hiking  and hitting the trails.

We've done the math and figured that with the park's evacuation, the state is missing out on at least $5,000.

Park officials tell us many campers have been understanding, and some even appreciative.

"We took our things and left as quickly as possible. We were out safe.  A very accommodating staff .  They were very informative and did a great job with everything that was going on."

They made sure that we knew to come back today and get our things and get our refund, and stuff like that."

Both spring breakers tell us, they're planning to head back to the Canyon very soon.

Park officials tell us day visitors were not refunded, but overnighters were fully refunded.

Because of the fire there were about 368 campers that were 100%  refunded.

Officials say the hope to have the park reopened by tomorrow, but firefighters will continue to look for hotspots for several hours.

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