Filing Deadline in Sanford

Many residents in Sanford were unable to turn in their applications for any of the three city alderman positions because the city secretary wasn't at work.

Mayor Bernard Pacheco says at the beginning of February, City Secretary Julie McIntire called him saying the heater broke in her office and she wanted permission to get it fixed and take some time off.

He tells us he let her, but that he's not sure she came back during the entire month of February.

But McIntire says that's not true.

Pacheco says, "as far as I know, I mean City Hall is right behind us, you can see it over there.  As far as I know there hasn't been anybody there for a month."

McIntire says, "I can prove that I was there because I took deposits in. I froze my butt off one morning sitting there writing checks on the 18th and the 12th, so I mean, I was there."

The problem started when residents say they wanted to file the proper paperwork to run for three city alderman positions.

But, they say, no one was in the city secretary's office to take the paperwork.

The deadline to file was 5 p.m. February 28.

City Hall employees say a few people came in to submit paperwork.

But, they say they think even more took their documents to Fritch instead.

Mayor Pacheco says this election period has been a rough one for the Sanford community.

He says, "they're upset.  They feel that their civil rights are being violated."

Mcintire says she has been in communication with the mayor, and has been properly fulfilling her job requirements as the city secretary.

She did have an announcement to make on the evening of February 28.

"I am resigning as of 5:00 today."

Mcintire showed us a doctors note and tells us she has to resign because of health reasons.

It will be up to the city commission if they accept her resignation.

Elections for city alderman will be held May 10th at the Sanford Fritch ISD Administration Building.

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