Fighting High Plains Hunger

- AMARILLO -- One out of every four kids in the Texas Panhandle is in need of food assistance, according to the High Plains Food Bank. But a new kitchen could change the fight against high plains hunger, and that kitchen is nearly complete.

The Kids Cafe, a program of the High Plains Food Bank, currently provides more than 900 meals for kids across West Texas.

But once their new state-of-the-art kitchen is finished, they could make 5,000 meals in just eight hours.

During the year they provide food for school's around the area, but during the summer they instead provide to different clubs and organizations, including the Maverick Boys and Girls club.

Kids Cafe employees say one of the best parts of the kitchen, is that it will be conveniently located right across the street from the High Plains Food Bank.

"We've moved locations six times in nine years," said Leigh Fuller, Director for the Kids Cafe. "This facility is much needed because we continue to grow."

The kitchen is set to be complete by the end of August, and will be providing food for kids as early as September.

The facility won't just be used for kids either. It will have the ability to provide meals in times of disaster, and the Food Bank will also be looking to make meals for seniors living in rural areas.

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