Feral Hogs Too Close to Home


Charlie Mathis and his family got a very big surprise at their Lake Tanglewood home this winter - a feral hog in their backyard.

"I mean it concerns me just because of safety reasons. I mean, I have grandkids, you know we got small pets. Pigs are aggressive, if you you know, if you got them penned up they'll be very aggressive. It concers me there and property I mean, they can tear up lots of people's lawns and different things, so from that side of it I'd be a little bit worried," Mathis said. 

This isn't the first time Mathis has found a feral hog at his home. In fact, they had another one within the last year.

Mathis says, he's noticed these hogs in the area for severla years, but now they're a little clsoer to home.

"They've been... on the Curry Ranch since you know,best I could figure, about 2005. And they've just kind of, I think looking for food primarily this time of year is why they may have ventured into Tanglewood," Mathis said. 

Mathis also told us, another neighbor at Lake Tanglewood found a hog in their yard. So what is the protocol when hogs get close to home?

According to Animal Control, if you find a hog in your yard, call and they'll send an officer out.

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