Family Ties

- WHEELER -- The city of Wheeler's on the national stage.

"I think it's awesome, every time  I go up there I love it," said X-Games gold medalist Colten Moore. "I go to that town and I feel like I'm related to half the town."

"Being a small town, family and community is what everything revolves around," said Jaten Moore, Colten's cousin. "That's what the Moore family is all about."

Family and community, but the Moore family might be best known for their skills on a snow mobile.

With seven medals between them, Caleb and Colten Moore were an X-Games power duo...until 2013, when Caleb crashed during the run of his life.

"I remember texting my aunt," said Caleb's cousin Nicole Moore. "Caleb laid there for a little bit but then he got up."

"One of the best times I've ever seen him ride you know, and then he went down," said Colten. "He walked off like he always does, and I thought everything was good. It wasn't until later I found out that it wasn't as good as I thought."

Caleb Moore passed away a week after his accident, and though he grew up in Krum, Texas, he was brought back to the High Plains.

"He came back to be laid to rest in Wheeler," said Nicole. "That brings a lot of comfort that he's there with our family."

"Caleb was a good time," said Jaten. "Caleb was all about a good time and he was an extremely hard worker."

A hard working trait that lives on in his brother Colten.
Fast forward one year, as Colten returns on a mission with even more of the Moore's.

"We had, I don't' even know how many people," said Colten. "At least 30 or 40 people from my family there supporting."

"We're the only ones that whoop and holler the whole time whenever Colten's doing tricks," said Jaten. "No one else gets that."

Whooping and hollering Colten to a gold medal, in Caleb's honor

"It meant everything to me you know," said Colten. "That's what me and Caleb loved to do, and we loved to do together."

"He's like up on top of the landing, like pointing up to the sky with his Caleb's number 31 yelling I did this for you son," said Nicole. "For Colten he never once thought of himself it was all for Caleb."

"I honestly was hoping for safety," said Jaten. "I wasn't hoping for a medal, I wasn't wishing he'd get gold, I was wishing he would still be standing when it was all over...and he ended up standing at the top of the podium."

An unforgettable ride for Colten and the Moore's, champions again at the X-Games.

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