Family Support Services Planning New Veterans Center

AMARILLO -- We can never do enough to help U.S. veterans returning home from war, because we owe them our freedom. 

In that spirit, Family Support Services has space at its downtown location that will be changed into a Veteran Drop-In Center.

The need is there.

"I think a lot of people are aware that veterans are at an increased risk of suicide, divorce rates are higher for veterans. The children of veterans who've been deployed, they have more issues in school, higher rates of depression."  15

The idea is to give veterans a place to come and talk to other veterans about what they're going through, the traumas from war and the day-to-day problems as well.

Right now, the area is not much to look at. It's the old child care center that was shut down several years ago. 

Thanks to donations from a few area agencies, the center will get some needed repair. The courtyard will get an upgrade from an Eagle Scout that comes in this summer.

It'll be getting things like more trees, bushes, and barbecue grills, to make it more of a hang out place. 

In addition to the more comfortable surroundings, the center will provide access to other services.

"We'll be providing equine therapy, marriage counseling, family counseling, if that's wanted by the veterans." 07

To staff this center, Family Support Services is receiving a Texas Veterans Commission grant, that will go toward hiring the volunteer coordinator and providing for the counseling.

The other agencies involved in this effort include Texas Workforce Commission, Texas Panhandle Centers, Texas Supports You, and Veterans of Amarillo College Together.

If you or a loved one are in need of counseling services you can contact Family Support Services. We have a link to their website here.

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