ENMU Named One of the Most Affordable Universities by USA Today


PORTALES -- In a recent USA Today article, Eastern New Mexico University in Portales Is listed as one of the most affordable universities in the country.

ENMU tuition and fees for full-time in-state students is $2,428 per semester ($4,856 per year) and out-of-state students at $5,316 ($10,632 annually.)

For those living on campus as an in-state resident, the whole package (ID card, room and board, as well as books included) is about $6,375. Out-of-state students pay around $9,262 per semester.

The average degrees come with a price tag of around $23,000 per year for a moderately priced in-state college and around $45,000 for a private college, according to College Board statistics published on College Data.

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