Empowering Local Youth with Nationally Recognized "Why Try Program"

By Karl Wehmhoener | kwehmhoener@kamr.com

Published 08/22 2013 12:22PM

Updated 08/22 2013 10:54PM

AMARILLO -- Amarillo area leaders are beginning the first portion of the training process of the Why Try Program that was recently sponsored by the United Way of Amarillo & Canyon. 

The Why Try Program focuses on building resilience in the workplace, at school and at home. The program has been recognized worldwide and is now in use in over 16,000 schools, 500 school districts, all 50 states and in countries worldwide.

The program was developed in 1996 when a professor asked Christian Moore how he had come so far despite his severe learning differences. Christian wrote Why Try at the top of a paper and began to expand on the 15 principles that he used to overcome these difficult challenges. 

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