Emergency Responders Say Summer Is Busy Season


Savings lives never stops for the EMTs with Amarillo Medical Response.

"Last year we were dispatched to over 40,000 calls. We transported over 30,000. So yeah it's a busy place," Eric Lyne, Operations Manager at AMR said.

Those numbers account for just the Amarillo and Potter county areas, and Lyne says summer is especially busy for emergency responders.

"Our numbers continuously increase. Every month we're seeing volume. Especially in the summertime, we're really busy, you know, everybody outdoors, out having a good time," Lyne said.

The big push for Amarillo Medical Response this week is training people on life saving CPR. 

"The basics of compression-only CPR is basically just to keep the heart moving, to keep the blood flowing, to keep the oxygen going to the rest of the body," Allyson Funderburg, and EMT basic said.  

Funderburg says the key is to use all your upper-body strength when performing compressions. Press about three inches deep into the chest and perform 100 compressions a minute until help arrives.

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