Early Results in For School Wide TB Tests


AMARILLO -- The results are in from the school-wide tuberculosis testing at Fannin Middle School and there are no active cases.

In two rounds of testing, they tested just over 700 people at the school.

84-people tested positive for exposure to TB; which is almost 10-percent. No additional cases of active disease were found.

“This is good news,” says Dr. Matt Richardson, director of Public Health for the City of Amarillo. “We see that the rate of positives in the whole campus is roughly half of what classmates were and this is in line for what we would expect in the general population.”

Dr. Richardson expects the investigation to conclude tomorrow and that no additional testing at Fannin Middle School or any Amarillo Independent School District campus is necessary.

A reminder, testing positive for exposure is not the same as testing positive.

The testing comes after a student tested positive for TB in early April.

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