Dumas Pharmacist Accused of Assault

- DUMAS -- A suspended Dumas pharmacist is facing more legal troubles.

        The owner of The Pill Box was arrested Thursday on an assault charge.

        Two days after Sunny Ray Johnson's pharmacy license was suspended he was arrested for allegedly assaulting an investigator.

        The 77-year old allegedly became irate as an investigator with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP) questioned him.

        The Pill Box pharmacy is closed today, even though Johnson has already bonded out of jail.

        Police were on the scene as the alleged assault took place.

        Sergeant Nick Jordan says this isn't the first time the pharmacy board has sent investigators to look into Johnson's practices.  Every time they come to Dumas they ask for police assistance.

        Johnson is charged with simple assault but the charge could've been more serious because the investigator with the TSBP could be considered a peace officer.
        Johnson and his wife both had their licenses suspended by the board.
        Johnson originally had his suspended for allegedly selling prescription drugs to an undercover investigator with the board. 

        Two months ago, Johnson filed a federal lawsuit against the pharmacy board claiming the $14,500 fine levied against him was causing irreparable damage to his business.

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