Double Diamond Debris Pickup


FRITCH -- Cleanup efforts continue around Fritch, after wildfires tore through Hutchinson County nearly one month ago. With thousands of cubic yards in debris, where's it all going?

For the time being it's filling the old Fritch landfill, otherwise known as the Recycling Center. Problem is the landfill has been closed since the early 90's.

Hutchinson County received permission from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to use the area as a temporary place to store debris.

Officials are in the process of sorting through the piles, to pick out recyclable items. The rest of the debris will be transferred to landfills either in Pampa or Canyon

As for the amount of debris, it's pretty alarming.

"We've moved many thousands of cubic yards, just from the initial size," said Danny Richards, Hutchinson County Fire Marshal. "It's about a square city block, and about 30 feet tall."

So much debris, and much more to go. Richards says that only two-thirds of the debris in the area has been picked up so far.

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