Door to Door Scams on the Rise

- AMARILLO -- Amarillo Police say door to door scams are on the rise.

They say fake salesmen are visiting homes, posing as officials with home alarm systems. If the owner already has an alarm system, the scammer will claim that the system needs an update.
Police say many of the salesmen don't have the proper permit to sell door to door, and your alarm company will usually not show up un-announced.

"Alarm companies are not gonna show up on a cold call and announce that a new provider has taken over," said Sergeant Brent Barbee with the Amarillo Police Department. "They're not gonna go in and start taking out equipment and putting in new equipment without fully explaining why they're dealing with you ahead of time."

If you'd like to check if a salesman has the proper application from the city, ask for his "Solicitor's Permit Application".

The permit guarantees the person's criminal background, and licenses have been reviewed by Amarillo Police.

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