Door to Door Salesman Scam

Amarillo Police are asking people to think twice before answering their front door.

According to police, there has been some suspicious activity involving door to door sales in amarillo.

Amarillo Police have had reports these people are contacting home owners who have an alarm company sign in their yard or on their house.

They would claim to be installing upgraded equipment because the home owners company had been bought out, or the equipment was outdated.

But in actuality, they are installing equpiment and securing a contract for another alarm company that was not connected to the home owners current system.

Amarillo Police say at this point, they don't know if these salesmen are actually alarm company representatives or if they are criminals trying to get access to different homes.

The alarm company connected to the last incident in Amarillo advised police that they did not approve of this sort of selling, and are no longer working with the people responsible.

Officers tell us they are continuing to investigate to get to the bottom of who these people are.

Police are asking home owners request the blue, page sized city of Amarillo solicitors permit and identification from the salesman.

They say by law, each salesman must carry a permit.

If you are suspicious of a salesman, call Amarillo Police.

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