Domestic Violence Accusations Surface in Oklahoma Child Death

TURPIN, OKLAHOMA -- We're learning more about the couple arrested in Oklahoma for the death of a four-year old.

Yazmani Rodriguez is charged with murder in the death of 4-year old Noel Vargas-Diaz.

Rodriguez is being held in the Texas County jail.

The boy's mother, Sylvia Vargas, is accused of enabling child abuse.

She's in the Beaver County jail.

Noel Vargas-Diaz died last week but officials say he had been severely abused for years before then.

Noel's mother wasn't there when he died but many that work with Sylvia say that abuse was easy to see.

They also say that Rodriguez threatened the family with a gun and would also threaten to call immigration on Vargas because she wasn't a citizen.

A claim that a worker at a rape crisis center sees all too often.

Now originally, Vargas said the child fell and hit his neck in the bathtub but doctors say the amount of fresh and healing bruises along with the cigarette markings didn't add up to her story.

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