Domestic Dispute Ends in Finger Bitten Off, Shooting, and Crash in Southwest Amarillo

AMARILLO -- A domestic dispute started Monday's shooting in Southwest Amarillo.

The victim and the alleged gunman remain hospitalized.

Two others were arrested on assault charges related to the incident.  Andrea Hadaway, 35, and Preston Embry, 43, are in the Randall County Jail.

This isn't the first domestic dispute involving Hadaway and the victim.

Neighbors of Hadaway say there was a verbal dispute over the weekend between her and her estranged husband, who is the gunshot victim.

Police say it all started at a home on the 3300 block of Lewis.

Hadaway's husband allegedly came to the house trying to retrieve items from her car.

While arguing, the husband tried to leave in his pick-up but, Hadaway allegedly jumped in to stop him. At that point police say she bit-off part of his finger.

Embry and the gunman began chasing the husband in another car, shooting at his truck.

At one point the gunman got out of the vehicle and fired another shot.

He was struck by the pick-up near 35th and Virginia.

With the gunman still on the hood, the victim rammed his truck into a house at 35th and Virginia. 

Police Cpl. Jerry Neufeld said, "We get the driver out. He obviously tells officers he's been shot, but he tells officers also, I just ran over the guy that shot me. Turns out that he was inside the residence. He had literally gotten smashed through the wall and had went and crawled into a couch or something inside the residence and that's where officers located him."

The alleged gunman is hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries; charges are pending until he's released.

Neighbors were reluctant to talk on camera. But, say Hadaway and her estranged husband had gotten into a verbal dispute on Saturday as well about her vehicle.

They say she and the alleged gunman were living in the house on Lewis, which is occupied by Embry.

A third person was arrested at the home on lewis on unrelated charged.

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