Does It Work? Toastabags

Here's a new one. A grilled cheese from a toaster?

The toastabag will help you make the perfect toasted sandwiches with no mess.

A package comes with two re-usable vinyl bags. Instructions say you can get 50 uses out of a bag....  

Butter. Cheese. Bread

All the essentials to make the sandwich.

The bags are small, about the size of a slice of bread.  

After smushing the sandwich it was easier to put in the toaster. 

The instructions say your sandwich will be ready in three minutes, but our toaster said other wise.

After a few tries, out popped a crispy grilled cheese sandwich.

The bags can also be used to cook frozen snacks.

In the bag they go to toast.

I finally get the toaster lever stuck.

I also microwaved the frozen snacks for a taste comparison.

So what have we learned? The toastabags work pretty well. Our toaster, on the other hand, does not.

The toastabags can be purchased at United Supermarkets. 

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