Disaster Relief

Many disaster relief volunteers are hitting the streets of Fritch, to clean up. 

They aren't only picking up the pieces of the homes lost, but they're also recovering valuables and helping people be positive.

The Southern Baptist disaster relief crew has been busy cleaning up yards and streets for Fritch homeowners all week.

Elaine Barnard says, "we just feel the call and the need to help these other people with these overwhelming situations and we want to come and do what we can do."

Barnard says the relief crew of 30 had 8 stops to make.

She tells us they go to each home and assess the damage, and also talk to the homeowners to get a better feel of their situation and what they want.

The incident commander tells us they they turn the paperwork over to other volunteers and the "ash out" process begins.

Incident Commander Darryl Cason says, "it means they take a square box and if a homeowner says over in this part of my house i had my jewelry, maybe my mothers rings or something along those lines.  We will take that area and sift through it and try to find those valuables for them."

Cason says they also clean out all yards and clear off the properties of debris and burned items.

He says most of the trailer homes were a complete loss.

In those cases, they dispose of the metal for the homeowners.

We caught up with one person who lost nearly everything, but says these volunteers cleaning up his yard are helping in more ways than one.

"They're saving people a lot more heartache because every time they come out to the site and they have to go through it, it's just reliving it all over again, ya know.  This saves them from that additional group and i think it helps them move on a little bit better. "

Cason tells us relief volunteers have been on the scene since Monday afternoon, and they will be here as long as they are needed. 

He says they usually stay for about a week, and then more come in.

He's expecting close to 50 new volunteers come Sunday.

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