D.C. Working on Synthetic Marijuana Legislation

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- It's a trend that's throwing law enforcement for a loop: synthetic marijuana.

It's illegal to smoke but not to sell.

So how are companies getting away with making synthetic marijuana.

Officials say the people making it are changing one or two ingredients.

That way it's not considered illegal to make but the affects can still be dangerous.

DEA Supervising Special Agent Joseph Moses says, "Vomiting, adverse physical reactions, including organ damage, brain damage and theres been several incidents of death."

Director of the Department of Behavioral Health in Washington, D.C. Stephen Baron says, "Not one agency can tackle this, I think you gotta bring everybody together."

Panhandle Congressman Mac Thornberry says he's working on a plan to fix the problem.

He says it shouldn't be about how it's made but the effects of it and who it's being sold to.

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