Curry County Jail Overcrowded

- CLOVIS -- Curry county taxpayers are paying to house inmates in other facilities.

        Overcrowding at the Curry county jail is forcing officials to send as many as two dozen inmates to Texas jails.

        Money appears to be the biggest problem.  But, it's something residents have known about for some time.
        The Curry county jail houses as many as 300 inmates daily.  Most of which are men.

        The cost per inmate in the adult detention center is around $35/day.

        Inmates who are sent to jails across the border in Texas cost as much as $50/day.

        Officials have proposed three separate bond elections in the recent past.

        "Well there's been a couple of different bonds but yeah, it was either for a whole new facility or to expand the current one.  but, all three of those have failed."  Said Ben McDaniel, Vice Chairman of the Curry county commission.

        McDaniel says they do have other options.  one way would be to get through the New Mexico Finance Authority, but, that's essentially a loan.  Something McDaniel says he would not support.

        They can also dip into their cash reserves, but, they don't have the kind of money needed for the kind of improvements needed at the jail.

        The jail has had problems with several escapes and escape attempts.

        The most notable occurred in 2008 when 8 inmates broke-out.  All were eventually recaptured including convicted killer Edward Salas who was found in Mexico after nearly four years on the run.

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