Craigslist Assault and Robbery

If you shop online, you should always keep an eye out for scams.

But an Amarillo teenager almost lost more than money.

The 18 year old was trying to buy a car, but ended up getting assaulted and robbed.

It happened this weekend near the 3200 block of southwest tenth avenue.

The teen thought he was meeting up to buy a silver Lincoln Town Car, at a home at that address.

When the teen came out officers say the suspect had two guys with him.

They say the group of men assaulted the victim and stole the cash.

After the buyer pulled out a knife, the three suspects took off in the car they were supposed to be selling.

Sergeant Brent Barbee offered some tips to avoid being scammed online.
He says, when you're making an online purchase never meet a seller alone always verbally talk to the person first, not just by email or text, and always meet in a public place.

Barbee says, "999,000 times out of a million, it's going to be fine.  You'll have a good deal. But the problem is,if you're that one exception and everything goes south, then the price you pay could be big."   

Barbee tells us the victim in this case was lucky because he received only minor injuries.

He says they often find more people buying stolen items on the website, and in those cases,  he tells us, even though the buyer didn't know what they bought was stolen they can still be at fault. 

Police haven't made any arrests.

The suspects were driving northbound on Louisiana Street in a silver 1997 Lincoln Town Car.

If you have any information on who they might be, call Amarillo Police.

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