Crafted with Originality: Handmade Jewelry for Everyday Wear

What started as a part-time college job, has flourished into a jewelry line that's been featured throughout Texas. "Like most college students I needed to get a job and so I walked into this boutique in Boulder that made jewelry in-house, and I convinced them that because I was an art student and that I love jewelry, that I could make it and it worked." At the time, Charlie McGilvarly was majoring in studio art and art history at the University of Colorado. She admits she never dreamed she'd launch her own line one day. "I never made jewelry before. They taught me how to make jewelry and then I started taking metalsmithing classes in college, and it just kinda snow balled from there and I pretty much made jewelry my entire college career. I learned a lot of basics and I basically designed for that label."

Charlie started her own line, Charlie Girl Designs, in 2013. Her focus-- creating pieces that any woman would love to wear. "
I had just seen my grandmother's jewelry collection and my moms and was obsessed with it. I kinda look at stones and different things and get inspired. I try and make they crystal or the agate that I'm using now, the hero of the piece and then I just design around what I'm inspired by." Charlie uses materials that are recycled, 100% made in the U.S. and ethically sources her stones.

"I like to create things. I've always been an artist. I've always been a maker of things, paintings or drawing or jewelry, what ever it is. It just makes me happy to sit in my little space and use my hands and make something interesting. Jewelry is a great outlet for that." 

She's currently working on her spring line. Her inspiration is the blue-laced agate. "I like stones in their more natural form, less polished, no dyes. Blue-laced agate's been one of my favorite stones and I thought what a wonderful color for spring. This fresh color, periwinkle blue with different metals. I just thought it be a perfect jump into spring."

In the future, Charlie wants to do a high end line with diamonds while continuing her focus on her handmade pieces. "I love making jewelry and the Charlie Girl line is one of my greatest creations and I'm really excited to share it with everyone."

Charlie Girl Designs can be found at Blue Sage Pottery and Art Gallery and The Nat on 6th Street, also at the Object Gallery at the Sunset Center on First Friday's. 
Charlie Girl Designs on Etsy and on Facebook

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