"Coworking" with WT Enterprise Center

 A local company becomes the latest success story for the WT Enterprise Center.

The software company "Bright Canopy" was recently acquired by "Frame Technology" for $16 million. It's all due in part to a relatively new program at the WT Enterprise Center called "Coworking."

We've often heard how business-friendly Texas is. Here's more proof.

A California man started a software company two years ago in California and was looking for a place to help that business take-off. That's where the WT Enterprise Center came in.

"Bright Canopy" deals with virtual reality software. They took advantage of a relatively new program at the WT Enterprise Center called "Coworking."

It enabled Bill Glover and his wife to move the company to Amarillo and build a small company into a $16 million acquisition of frame technology. Their investors include Microsoft, Bain Capital, and In-Q-Tel.

Glover says market forces almost forced him to shutter the company but he reached out to "Frame".

Glover says the partnership is natural because he says "Frame" provided the canvas, they provided the art.

What this technology does is deliver Windows apps and workflows from the cloud. While Glover sold his company to "Frame," he remains with the company to manage the technology.

The WT Enterprise Center is so confident in the "Coworking" program, they're constructing a new facility to handle the new businesses that may be interested.

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